Making a difference together

As parents too, we do our absolute best to provide high quality meals. But as parents, we also know that sometimes children just won’t finish their dinner! So… we have introduced a new system to keep you in the loop of your child’s eating habits.

Tell me more?

Your child will bring home a waste box just like this one. Seeing your kids leftovers will help you adjust their evening meal accordingly

– Free of charge 

– 100% compostable 

– BPA free

We ask parents to compost the remaining contents if your child does not eat all of their lunch. The purpose of the lunch box is NOT for reheating & eating leftovers. This meal has already been heated and must be disposed of as soon as you have checked the amount eaten.

The Novelty Factor

As the ‘novelty’ of school meals starts to wear off, all school meal suppliers start to see the same issues. 

At The Lunch Bag, we continually change our menu, offering over 30 different meals per week.

We want you to help us address the 

– Make sure you are changing your child’s order regularly! This helps prevent boredom.

– Remember that ‘small break’ & lunch are very close together. Please ensure break time snacks are not too filling so their tummies are able for a hot meal shortly after.