We're your school community

From a tiny team of dreamers with a vision to change the nutritional landscape of children in Ireland, to becoming a service that’s available to over 100,000 of your kids daily; it now takes one hell of a team! Here at The Lunch Bag, we’re just regular people doing our very best to provide your school community with the best service we can.

We work closely in line with Healthy Ireland and are proud recipients of the Guaranteed Irish Award this year for our commitment to improving communities and ensuring your children are fed with the highest quality of Irish produce.

As well as all that…

We are heavily invested in ‘local’. As such, we employ drivers and road crew from all across the country. We also hire locals to distribute meals in schools. Not to mention all the local suppliers we source our delicious food from! Our Irish suppliers are also creating jobs across the country to source and provide the highest quality products for your children. 

Your community heroes!

We have recently employed over 400 dads, aunties, grannies, cousins, neighbours (you name it!) throughout your communities to heat our school meals. This not only helps families juggle childcare and work but also creates opportunities for those who find it hard to secure suitable employment.

Locally Sourced, Lovingly Served...