Due to recent weather warnings, there are SOME schools that we can’t risk sending our drivers to.

Please click below to see if your school is affected. Any schools listed will not be receiving lunch this week.
We apologise and hope that you understand. We need our boys safe on the roads this week! Schools that are not listed below will not be affected

School Name & County (Schools are listed alphabetically by name)

Ahalin NS 18612H (V94PC85) Limerick
Allen NS 17567A (W91AX99) Kildare
Annagh Hill NS 20448J (H54F104) Galway
Ardnagrath NS 18764H (N37YY16) Westmeath
Baile Coireil NS 16914N (N91KC84) Westmeath
Ballaghlea NS 14383V (F42KC56) Galway
Ballinagore Mixed NS 16340N (N91XF57) Westmeath
Ballinahinch NS 17296S (V94R234) Tipperary
Ballinderreen Mxd NS 07551C (H91F292) Galway
Ballintotas NS 15165Q (P25Y272) Cork
Ballon NS 14837L (R93WE29) Carlow
Ballybay NS 19534S (N37RC82) Roscommon
Ballybryan NS 18328K (R35X670) Offaly
Ballyglass NS 14642T (H91D263) Galway
Ballyhass Mixed NS 04953H (P51K590) Cork
Ballyhooly NS 19404F (P51K284) Cork
Ballymana NS 10675O (H91A3P1) Galway
Ballyragget NS Junior 20506U (R95KR86) Kilkenny
Ballyragget NS Senior 20506U (R95FY09) Kilkenny
Ballyshannon NS 15456E (R56FF60) Kildare
Baltydaniel NS 12447L (P51ND35) Cork
Banteer NS 02803B (P51TK64) Cork
Barnane NS 18379E (E41PX67) Tipperary
Berrings NS 04186N (P12FX45) Cork
Bilboa NS 15692Q (V94KN61) Limerick
Bishop Ahern NS Leamlara 04118T (T56NH57) Cork
Bishop Harty NS 15560W (E45HF74) Tipperary
Blessington 1 NS 06176U (W91RW22) Wicklow
Boherbue NS Main Building 16396R (P51RY99) Cork
Boherbue NS Parish Hall 16396R (P51RY99) Cork
Bulgaden NS 13790G (V35F589) Limerick
Caherelly NS 18030I (V35T283) Limerick
Camross NS 15933M (R32YEF6) Laois
Carnmore NS 19828M (H91PT80) Galway
Carrig NS 16276H (E45P227) Tipperary
Castletown KP NS 19292U (C15K225) Meath
Churchtown NS 17527L (P51KN79) Cork
Clonbonny NS 17102C (N37EA21) Westmeath
Clonbullogue NS 15325M (R45DD79) Offaly
Clonmoney NS 18032M (V95AH94) Clare
Clonmore NS 12540B (E41XW82) Tipperary
Cloughjordan No. 1 NS 19422H (E53YY82) Tipperary
Conna NS 17528N (P51EY05) Cork
Convent of Mercy Newport 04067F (V94X7F9) Tipperary
Corofin NS 18227E (V95YP02) Clare
Corrandulla NS 19997M (H91AT10) Galway
Craughwell NS 05754G (H91P218) Galway
Crecora NS 17101A (V94P5C0) Limerick
Cregmore NS 16936A (H91YD28) Galway
Dalystown NS 15307K (N91W207) Westmeath
Delvin NS 18598Q (N91CTP4) Westmeath
Donore NS 17856H (A92A568) Meath
Donoughmore NS 16118M (V94X051) Limerick
Dromtrasna NS 16237U (V94W5RC) Limerick
Dysart NS 17290G (N91CH98) Westmeath
Gaelscoil Aonach 19937R (E45AK02) Tipperary
Gaelscoil De Hide Roscommon 20126K (F42TD83) Roscommon
Gaelscoil Eanna 19725C (C15WF67) Meath
Gaelscoil Na Lochanna 20243O (W91A403) Wicklow
Gaelscoil Phortlaoise 20081O (R32YA66) Laois
Gaelscoil Sairseal 19956V (V94EV83) Limerick
Garrafrauns NS 19391W (H54NY73) Galway
Glanduff NS 18626S (N37YV82) Roscommon
Glengurt NS 07317R (V42TD93) Limerick
Grange NS Tipperary 18062V (E91KT67) Tipperary
Greenlanes NS 17730I (D03A024) Dublin
Gurtagarry NS 11384I (E45FA43) Tipperary
Herbertstown NS 17364J (V35KX63) Limerick
Hollyford NS 13847J (E34DX01) Tipperary
Kiladangan NS 06658P (E45DT27) Tipperary
Kilcleagh NS 17806P (N37K8V0) Westmeath
Kilcornan NS 17871D (V94XF95) Limerick
Kildimo NS 06516S (V94KW80) Limerick
Kilkishen NS 13870E (V95EK54) Clare
Killea NS 14460N (E41HW20) Tipperary
Killeigh NS 17031F (R35FF20) Offaly
Kilmaley NS 14468G (V95CF30) Clare
Kilmurry NS 17972J (P14R670) Cork
Kilnamona NS 13625O (V95XY88) Clare
Kilskyre NS 01421F (A82DH22) Meath
Kiltiernan NS 17645R (H91T2N2) Galway
Knockcroghery NS 18571T (F42YF38) Roscommon
Lackagh NS 12954F (H65FE81) Galway
Lackamore NS 02428B (V94V5D1) Tipperary
Liscarroll NS 12015F (P51DA33) Cork
Lisgriffin NS 16945B (P51T685) Cork
Lisheenkyle NS 17771W (H91YR20) Galway
Lismire NS 17300G (P51R156) Cork
Lissenhall 18465U (E45CK68) Tipperary
Little Flower NS 15970S (E25RW52) Tipperary
Little Island NS 18497K (T45VA49) Cork
Meelin NS 17706L (P51FH27) Cork
Menlo NS 17759J (H91YD63) Galway
Monard NS 00606M (E34VF97) Limerick
Mount Bruis NS 15157R (E34RD26) Tipperary
Mount Temple An Grianan 18679Q (N37K129) Westmeath
Moycarkey NS 04005G (E41FY66) Tipperary
Moynalvey NS 18344I (A83KD81) Meath
Muckalee NS 17093E (R95YN60) Kilkenny
New Inn NS 13663W (T45VX70) Cork
Newport Boys 17940T (V94RX20) Tipperary
Newtown NS Enfield 18650P (A83HW74) Kildare
Our Ladys Meadow 20065Q (R32FW18) Laois
Pallaskenry NS 12631E (V94DN24) Limerick
Raharney NS 18484B (N91AV61) Westmeath
Rath Keevin NS 17542H (E91TX38) Tipperary
Rathbeggan NS 18448U (A85AE84) Meath
Rathmichael NS 11873A (D18ET38) Dublin
Rathoe NS 01415K (R93XY18) Carlow
Rathregan NS 18169Q (A86T665) Meath
Robertstown NS 18430B (W91D403) Kildare
Rockchapel NS 17763A (P51YX84) Cork
Rosegreen NS 11605V (E25EF21) Tipperary
San Carlo SNS 19875V (W23FK06) Kildare
Scariff Central NS 19366A (V94A9W3) Clare
Scoil Bhride Lackagh 18179T (W34VW50) Kildare
Scoil Chlochair Mhuire 17103E (T45VX82) Cork
Scoil Einde BNS Salthill 18929N (H91Y725) Galway
Scoil Fhursa 16937C (H91P8X5) Galway
Scoil Iosagain Infant Mallow 18883P (P51TD36) Cork
Scoil Mhuire Abbeyleix 19750B (R32A566) Laois
Scoil Mhuire Allenwood NS Front 20505S (W91FX21) Kildare
Scoil Mhuire Ballymore Eustace 18055B (W91PF86) Kildare
Scoil Mhuire Lahinch 18753C (V95FD70) Clare
Scoil Mhuire Milford Kilbolane 17829E (P56FA00) Cork
Scoil Mhuire Moynalty 17213L (A82YV20) Meath
Scoil Mhuire Naofa Carrigtwohill 18000W (T45AK65) Cork
Scoil Mhuire Ruan 19442N (V95R206) Clare
Scoil Naisiunta Aonghusa 19740V (A92PY18) Louth
Scoil Naomh Barra 19253K (C15VW32) Meath
Scoil Naomh Cualan JNR 20451V (E41EK29) Tipperary
Scoil Naomh Cualan SNR 20451V (E41EK29) Tipperary
Scoil Samhthann Ballinalee 17561L (N39HY57) Longford
Shanbally NS 13889C (P43W990) Cork
Shandrum NS 11496T (P56X803) Cork
Shanganamore NS 00892Q (R14K659) Laois
St Brigids NS Moate 15512L (N37TF86) Westmeath
St Brigids PS Midleton SNR 00512D (P25R248) Cork
St Catherines NS Bishopstown 18253F (T12TF74) Cork
St Columbas NS JNR 05508O (T12WK3D) Cork
St Comans Wood JNS Junior Site 20498B (F42YH60) Roscommon
St Conleths and Marys NS 17872F (W12VN26) Kildare
St Cronans Rosemount NS 13867P (E53A078) Tipperary
St Josephs NS Kinvara 15523Q (H91X673) Galway
St Lachteens NS 17602W (P32PW68) Cork
St Laurences SNS Crookstown 09414C (R14K578) Kildare
St Lukes Mxd NS Cork 13648D (T23DF30) Cork
St Margarets NS Sandyhill 18038B (K67PE80) Dublin
St Marys Collinstown 16868J (N91HEE3) Westmeath
St Marys No 2 Nenagh 15778D (E45KT22) Tipperary
St Mels Ardagh 19467G (N39CD85) Longford
St Michaels NS Castletown 17182D (N91X659) Westmeath
St Oliver Plunkett NS Kilkerrin 19380R (H53DX30) Galway
St Oliver Plunketts NS 17167H (N37E303) Westmeath
St Patricks Edmonton 08100U (N91FX92) Westmeath
St Patricks NS Dalkey 14647G (A96RR04) Dublin
The Deanery School Cashel 19696V (E25NV05) Tipperary
The Downs NS 17025K (N91T229) Westmeath
Thomastown NS 04620D (E25F840) Tipperary
Tierneevin NS 19377F (H91F8D2) Galway
Tobar An Leinn 16667W (R32R296) Laois
Two Mile Borris NS 16211C (E41T868) Tipperary
Two Mile House NS 17968S (W91YY75) Kildare
Tyrrellspass NS 05916G (N91A5R7) Westmeath
Upperchurch NS 19677R (E41DY88) Tipperary
Valley Mount NS 10131U (W91NY66) Wicklow
Vicarstown Mixed NS 06342L (P32DX40) Cork
Walshestown NS 03787L (A92CD53) Louth
Walterstown NS 12281D (P24T329) Cork
Youghalarra NS 16810B (E45K372) Tipperary