Local Treasures, Global Impact

From Simpli Baked in the faithful Offaly, to Mc Caughey’s Farm in Monaghan, we pack Ireland’s finest produce into your lunch bags. Our Guaranteed Irish certification reflects our dedication to quality and local excellence.

At The Lunch Bag we take immense pride in our commitment to sourcing the finest, freshest ingredients. Together with our suppliers, we are on a mission to reshape the nutritional landscape for the children of our nation. These partnerships are built on shared values and a mutual reverence for wholesome foods, nurturing the development of generations to come.

Ballymaloe Foods


We use high quality Ballymaloe Bolognese in many of our hot food dishes! So what goodness is hidden in there..? Onions, Tomatoes and Red peppers!

‘Ballymaloe Foods is all about food and a passion for bringing the best ingredients and taste to our customers, in the most sustainable way possible. We’re committed to very high standards in food production and integrity in business. We’re proud to be a trusted brand and we strive every day to bring our ethos of hard work, dedication and Ballymaloe warmth to everything we do.’

The Plant It Food Co.

Vegan Clusters & Vegan Goujons

‘We believe that good business stems from good values. As a food company we know that we must do our best to do good by people and planet. Our plant based and frozen products are only a part of this journey. We try to incorporate sustainability into all parts of our business and are proud that all of our packaging is recyclable.’

Mc Caugheys

Chicken, Turkey & Beef

Founded in 1951 by Catherine McCaughey, who lived to her 102nd year, starting with a flock of nine birds raised to be sold for Christmas 1951. The company has a highly-respected name in the industry for quality and reliability.. We are proud to be supplied by such an amazing family business!


Chicken Goujons

‘Things were pretty hectic in our house growing up, but being a busy family was what gave us the best ideas. Like creating a range of tasty, locally prepared oven-ready meals using only the best quality chicken, chicken that’s tender, juicy and free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.’

Simpli Baked

Our Tortilla Wraps

‘Our wheaten wraps are high in fibre and naturally low in sugar – perfect for your school lunch’

Simpli Baked are a specialist bakery in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Simpli baked are also members of Origin Green which is a food and drink sustainability programme with Bord Bia. They are also proud members of Repak.

‘‘All staff are encouraged to participate in charity events (eg 25km walk, kayaking challenges, cycles etc) and also as a team we have
had jersey days, head shaves etc for worthy causes.