What we do

The Lunch Bag is a healthy school lunch delivery service, designed to empower children to make educated, healthy food choices, shedding the negative label of ‘Fussy Eaters’. Both children and guardians can only make lunch from what they have available to them – and very often this means the same lunch every day; with expensive shopping top-ups during the week. We are setting a tradition for the future, where children can try different lunches every day without the repercussions of cost or food waste.

School lunches are made with breads fresh from the oven, produce fresh from suppliers – before you can even buy them in the shop. Our Lunch Bag packaging is 100% compostable, with all suppliers encouraged to provide compostable or recyclable products. What’s more, because we make lunch for the whole school, we can’t be beaten on price – it’s simple economics!

How it Works