Our Healthy Eating Policy

At The Lunch Bag, we pride ourselves in our Healthy Eating Policy. With over 30 weekly meals to choose from, we’ve got something for all tendencies and tastes. All 14 allergens are catered for in addition to a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan and Halal choices each day. We encourage and guide families to regularly change their orders to ensure that menu fatigue does not occur. This is done through a series of initiatives throughout the year.

We've gone the extra mile

We source all our delicious ingredients from friends and farmers across the country. Collaborating with the wonderful Ballymaloe, we craft sauces that precisely meet HI guidelines. This ensures our nutritious meals are low in salt, sugar, and high in fiber! We love to incorporate yummy lentils into our mince dishes for added fiber. Proudly, all our nutritious lunches are freshly prepared by our exceptional staff in Co. Tipperary!

We design meals that are named to catch a child’s attention, but secretly stuffed with nutrients!

Healthy Ireland Guidelines require that hot school meals should include:

While we follow Healthy Ireland Guidelines, we must also facilitate children with allergens, in addition to children with additional needs.

We strive to be transparent in all we do. We include the nutritional content on each meal for submission to the Dept in an open transparent manner. We also give you this information on our easy to use app!

Rest assured

Please be assured that our cooking methods include baking, boiling and roasting – no meals are fried. Our chicken tenders are oven baked from whole chicken breast – not processed. Our ‘pizza’ meets all the HI Guidelines. Our ‘wedges’ are skin on, baked and sliced potatoes (Not Fried!) Friday options constitute as part of the Guidelines ‘once a week treat’.

Principal Power

Principals may remove any products as they so wish, or indeed, reduce the numbers of days that meals are available. Principals can also amend any child’s orders if they need to, in addition to having full autonomy over whether a child is part of the programme or not, through our Principal Portal.