How do I know lunch is ordered?

Once you select a lunch for a day, that lunch is automatically ordered. You have until 12noon the day BEFORE lunch is due to make changes to that order.

There are three ways to know lunch is ordered:


  1. The day on your dashboard is green. Days marked Green are days you want lunch, Red days are days you are NOT getting fed. Please remember to check the calendar for EACH of your children.
  2. You will receive a push notification at 12noon the day BEFORE lunch is due to let you know the order has been processed.
  3. Every Friday you will receive an email with you order for the week ahead.

How to change my order

To change a menu for a day, simply select the day and it will bring up a new menu option. Your lunch options are:

  1. Speedy Lunch – Select a popular sandwich/roll/alternative. Add fruit & 1 healthy snack.
  2. Cold pasta / salad
  3. Build your own – Select a Sandwich/wrap/roll
  4. Treats only – Choose from a selection of our extra items

Please note that additional items can be added at the end of any of these options.

If I am happy with my order do I need to log in every week?

Not at all. Once you select the repeat order option after placing an order,  you can sit back and relax. In the event you want to cancel a day, just tap on the calendar and set the day to red.

If I am on holidays how do I suspend my order?

Simply tap on the calendar and select the days you want to turn off lunch. A day marked red is a day you do not want delivery.

Am I still charged if the school is closed?

We liaise with the school to ensure that our service is automatically suspended on set school holidays. So you don’t need to worry about that.

If my child has an allergy what do I do?.

On initial set up, our app will prompt you to alert us to any allergies. We will automatically suspend any items that contain that allergen. In the event you want to add an allergy after registration, simply tap on the drop down menu, select ‘student’ and click on the ‘view allergen’ section to update

What if I my child is absent from school?

You have up until 12 noon the day before an absence to edit or cancel your child’s lunch. Simply log onto the app and let us know if they will be off school.

What if I only want lunches on some days?

Our service is available 5 days a week – but you can pick and choose what days you would like to avail of it. We aim to make lunch as stress free and convenient as possible. To cancel any day, simply tap it to red on the calendar.

How do I turn off all of a certain day?

If you tap into your monthly calendar (by tapping on the weekly calendar on your dashboard) you can simply tap the ‘x’ under a certain day to turn off all of that particular day.

The Food

What is in a fruit pot?

A fruit pot contains pineapple and melon slices.

Are you a nut free establishment?

Our kitchens are 100% nut free. We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure all produce we receive is also nut free.

Where does your meat come from?

Our Bord Bia approved meat is sourced from ‘Farney Foods’, Carrickmacross and ‘McCaughey Foods’, Castleblayney. Quantities are 43gm slice of high quality ham and 5ml 30g slice of whole breast roasted chicken. There are no sulphites in any of our meats.

We also offer halal meats of the same exceptional quality.

Our kitchens are 100% nut free. We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure all produce we receive is also nut free.

What if my child wants the contents of a sandwich, but not the bread?!

No problem, when you order a sandwich, simply select ‘no bread’ from the drop down list and continue to order the filling you want. We will pack the contents in an easy open recyclable container for your child.

The Service

Why would I spend extra money on lunch when I can just use what’s in my fridge?

People forget that the food in your home isn’t free! On average, Irish families spend €8.10 per week on a child’s lunch. With our lunches, you take the money you would spend on your shopping and use it towards our service. As a result your child’s lunch will be fresh everyday and we can provide so much more variety, without the worry of extra cost or waste.

How much are your lunches?

A three piece ‘3 Piece Grab Bag’ is €2:50. Our ‘cold pasta / salad’ option is €1.70. Sandwiches/wraps/rolls ordered individually cost €1.70. All menus have the option to buy additional items, individually priced.

How do I know the food is as good as what I make at home?

Very often, money and time will dictate what quality of food a child brings to school. The Lunch Bag use only high quality, branded food stuff, which is guaranteed irish. Very often it is difficult to tell if the food you buy is of a reputable source. We have the advantage of having our produce delivered fresh to our door daily, directly from the farms and ovens of origin! Not only that, each lunch is individually made with love by parents and grandparents in our state of the art, sterile and friendly kitchens

How is food delivered?

Each morning our fleet of experienced drivers set off from our local depots nationwide to the whole island of Ireland. Refrigerated vans carry carefully marked containers of lunches for each school. Each classroom has their own individual box, with each Child’s lunch individually wrapped within.

I’m concerned about the use of packaging

Rest assured, all our bags, sandwich wedges, and cutlery are 100% compostable. We are also actively working with our suppliers to ensure they have plans in place to address their sustainability. While we are advocates of compostable materials, we are very aware that Ireland is not fully resourced to deal with heat compostable materials. Please be aware that the most environmentally responsible option is to recycle plastic, rather than to use compostable plastic which is not disposed of properly.

We encourage children to compost and recycle responsibly through educational school talks and visits.