We provide an alternative option for families who want to provide their children with a healthy, varied diet, while facilitating a happier home environment. We seek to empower children to care for their future self through educated, healthy food choices.

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150 Jobs for Nenagh

We are delighted to announce the opening of a new Lunch Bag facility in Nenagh Co. Tipperary this August. To make high quality lunches to the best possible standard, we require the best possible candidates. If you are interested in a position, please email your C.V. to info@thelunchbag.ie, outlining a role you may be interested in. We will forward you details of our open day on July 16th shortly.

Roles available:

         Customer Service-  Sandwich makers -Packers – Kitchen staff -Drivers


The Lunch Bag is a healthy school lunch delivery service, designed to empower children to make educated, healthy food choices, shedding the negative label of ‘Fussy Eaters’. Both children and guardians can only make lunch from what they have available to them – and very often this means the same lunch every day; with expensive shopping top-ups during the week. 

We are setting a tradition for the future, where children can try different lunches every day without the repercussions of cost or food waste. School lunches are made with breads fresh from the oven, produce fresh from suppliers – before you can even buy them in the shop. What’s more, our packaging is 100% compostable, so no more plastic lunch boxes languishing for 1000 years!

Rated in the top 6% of Q-marked companies in the country, our sterile friendly- kitchens, Bord Bia approved foods and qualified, caring staff, means that children could not be in better hands…not to mention the morning calm knowing that school lunch is taken care of!

What’s more, because we make lunch for the whole school, we can’t be beaten on price – it’s simple economics!

How Our Service Works!

Our Suppliers

Already Providing Nutritious Lunches To Over 40,000 Children Every Day!

Fresh Healthy Lunches

We use only high quality, household brands in all our lunches. What’s more, because we feed so many children, our produce arrives fresh every single day. So you get a delicious ‘Monday fresh’ lunch every day!

It’s Simple Economics!

Because we make lunch for the whole school, it’s more cost effective for us to make and
deliver a varied lunch than it is for you to buy the ingredients and make it yourself. Children
can choose from an extensive menu without the constraints of family economics.

Stress Free Mornings

No more rushed mornings or last minute dash to the shops, with our easy-to-use app you can order lunch anywhere. In fact, we want to empower children to take responsibility for their own lunch, encouraging them to order their own within the remits of our healthy menu.

Wide Variety Every Day

Too often we parents buy ham & bread on a weekly shop & try make it last the week. For the same cost, why not give your child the opportunity of a wide variety every day, without the food waste?

Do You Really Know How Much Your Child’s Lunch Adds To Your Shopping Bill?

We often think of the food in our fridge as ‘free’. We have researched the cost of an average school lunch and found that for this price you get the same repetitive lunch which reduces in freshness every day. Here at the Lunch Bag we can not only beat this price, we can also offer a varied lunch – with produce fresh everyday!

Fussy Eaters

As parents, we understand that most kids are fussy eaters, or have their own little nuances. That’s why our app allows you to choose what’s right for your child, Each lunch is individually made to your child’s requirements- you can even choose how much butter you want!


We take kids safety very seriously and can guarantee that our kitchens are 100% nut free. What’s more, once we know that your child has an allergy, we will ensure that foodstuff unsuited to them is blocked from that child’s menu choice. We can even adapt the menu to ensure that the entire school adheres to healthy eating & allergy policies.

Go Green

While we strive to create a happy household, so too we endeavour for a happy earth. That’s
why we are leading the way in compostable packaging for our bags and wedges. We also work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they are as focussed on sustainability as we are. Our school talks encourage children to recycle/compost responsibly, without causing them any eco anxiety.

Give Back

Our school lunches benefit not only you & your child, but the whole school too! Sign up for our delicious lunches and we donate a percentage of school purchases back in sports and IT equipment!


By using our service, your child is guaranteed nutritious, fresh, guaranteed Irish food. Healthy policies can be readily adhered to and everyone benefits from well fed, focused children.


Our service has won numerous awards for our first class quality produce. In addition to
ranking in the top 6% of Q marked companies in the country, we are also the first school
lunch provider to gain ISO 22000:2015 recognition. Each lunch is individually made with
love & care in our state-of-the-art, award winning, premises.

Congratulations St Brigids Moate - Winners of our trip to Explorium!

Empowered Educated Eating

Our experience has shown us that, when educated on healthy choices, children make responsible food choices. We encourage children to get involved in ordering their own lunch, with our in-built nutrition scales guiding them on the best options for their dietary needs. Our service allows children to order a different lunch every day, expanding their palette and increasing their interest in food, all in the company of their friends.

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