Tendering with us

We are now accepting opportunities to tender for your hot school meal service. To request a tender contact info@thelunchbag.ie. Please include your school name, roll number, amount of students, & county

Healthy School Lunch Service

We provide lunch to both funded & non-funded primary school staff & children across Ireland


Children fed daily





How it works

Congratulations to the 900 schools that have received their letter of funding for hot meals.To request a tender from us, please see top of home page. If your school did not receive a letter, we will look forward to seeing you on the list in the academic year 2024/2025. If your school is registered with us, this is how our service works!

  • Download our child-friendly app
  • Select any allergens, dietary or cultural requirements
  • Place your order up to 36 hours in advance
  • Lunch is handmade with love in our state of the art facility
  • Lunch is delivered to school fresh each day!