Donate a School Lunch Today

Many schools have reached out to us seeking help in providing lunches to Ukrainian children, who have recently joined our Lunch Bag school communities. We here at The Lunch Bag will match any funds raised to ensure these children have a happy, healthy start to their new school education, with delicious lunches of their choosing. If you would like to donate a school lunch to help welcome these children, please do so through the link. If you are a Principal in a Lunch Bag school and wish to get your students involved, contact for more details. We look forward to showcasing all that is best in Irish hospitality and education and creating a safe, welcoming environment for all children


Variety for Cost

Too often we parents buy ham and bread on a weekly shop and try make it last the week. For the same cost, why not give your child the opportunity of a wide variety every day, without the food waste?

Your child can mix & match their favourite lunch items from one day to the next!

Each lunch is individually made with love and care in our state-of-the-art, award winning, premises.

Download our app & order lunch before 12noon. Lunch is delivered fresh to the classroom each morning before school starts! Each school’s menu will adhere to their individual healthy eating policy.

Not Costing the Earth


By suppliers delivering straight to us, you’ll be saving on thousands of individual packets coming from your home!

Fussy Eaters

As parents, we understand that most kids have their own little nuances. That’s why our app allows you to choose what’s right for your child. You can even choose how much butter you want!

Going Green

Our suppliers send us the exact amount of produce fresh everyday- reducing food waste and packaging in the home. Whats more, we use fully compostable bags, utensils and Lunch Bag products!

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