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What's New

Elephant in The Room

So… What’s happening? Through our collaboration with Brent Pope’s ‘Elephant in The Room’ Initiative, we’re bringing positivity to Irish Classroom. We want to help kids by giving them the basic building blocks on how to be a good friend. Simple, everyday tips and tricks to encourage chatter and to help them feel comfortable talking to one another. Our new bag designs don’t delve into mental health or challenging subjects; instead we highlight fun commonalities with how elephants build their heard and communicate without language!

Your new waste box!

We’ve been working with Ross Polymer to develop a sustainable waste box for storing leftovers. Not only is our waste box 100% recyclable and BPA free, there is a zero waste manufacturing process! ♻️ Last week, Ross Polymer invited us to their factory along with some local students to reinforce the importance of being responsible with waste, and to walk us through the manufacturing process and entire lifecycle of The Lunch Bag waste box! Head over to our socials to check it out. The waste box system teaches children to be aware of and responsible for their own waste – an important lifelong skill! If you’re noticing waste, take advantage of our daily menu to make your lunchtime delivery exciting each and every day!